Young people wanted

Project Kraft at the job fair at the Batzenberg

Shopfitting needs clever minds, that’s why we use every opportunity to get into contact with young talents. At the second job fair at Batzenberg in Ehrenkirchen, our colleagues Antje Elsner, Arabella Zink and Sarah Kuhn provided detailed information about the exciting challenges and development options in our business, shop fitting and facility management.

The pleasing result of our presence: Not only were we able to enjoy interesting experiences from the exchange with trainee and training seekers, but we also received numerous applications that make us confident in continuing to build on the innovative spirit of a strong team in the future.

By the way: If you are also interested in an apprenticeship (for a draftsman) or a cooperation with Projekt Kraft, we look forward to receiving your application to Incidentally, you will find a list of the vacant positions here.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!