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Individual solutions for innovative shop furnishings throughout Europe.




Planning, design & project management



Planning, design & project management

in the fields of international retail shop building, hotel construction and commercial construction are our core competencies.

Our service spectrum includes store branding, approval & execution planning, as well as furniture & interior design, extending out to the entire project implementation with all trades such as electrical & HVAC installations, building services, drywallers, painters, flooring corporations, etc.

Be it national or international, whether small or large, we gladly assist and accompany you with our years of experience and know-how in the realization of projects compromising the areas of shopfitting, hotel construction and commercial construction.

Projekt Kraft, as an experienced partner for retail and service corporations, is standing for innovation and reliability at all levels of project implementation. Therefore, our reference list incorporates a multitude of renowned and internationally successful companies, especially in the field of retail trade.

See for yourself from our list of successfully completed projects , in our portfolio.


Individual solutions for the challenges of today’s retail landscape:



Pop-up Store

Pop-up stores or pop-up retailers are shortly used or temporary retail stores. They usually operate in temporarily unoccupied premises.

The concept here: business areas that accommodate Pop-up retail stores can be used for one day, a few more days or for weeks. The sudden appearance and advertising by word of mouth often generates added value.

But the main argument for Pop-up stores is the possibility of low-cost product sales (eg. seasonal goods), the testing of new products, or gain of public presence. In addition, rent and advertising fees are usually very cost-friendly with transitional vacant salesrooms.

Thus, we can observe a rapid increase in the demand for Pop-up stores. Projekt Kraft GmbH is more than capable to plan and organize Pop-up stores in the shortest possible time, so future tenants are able to operate their new business very quickly and efficiently.

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Start-up Solutions

Are you attemting to found a start-up company due to a truly innovative business idea? You will have to find suitable accommodations for your business and may want to have real shopfitting professionals at your side?

Certainly you need a solid shopfitting partner who understands your start-up and can, with a team of experienced planning and construction professionals, implement all of your ideas to perfection – perhaps even better than you dared to hope for?

Then you have come to the right place! We support you with economic planning, flexible solutions and stunning designs.

Challenge us and take the first step towards a successful collaboration:

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Expansion is a very big undertaking, complex and challenging. This is precisely why, in rollout projects, the support of an experienced partner is indespensable and extremely helpful.

Projekt Kraft GmbH will assist you with a team of experts in any store rollout projects, thus ensuring a smooth and friction-free implementation of your project.

Quickly and consistently we manage each of the necessary steps and actions to achieve a perfect end result, in full compliance with your corporate design.

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Are your customers tired of your store’s décor? Could the store’s layout be improved? Could the furnishings profit from a refresh?

For all questions about the topics of rebranding and refreshing of business premises, Projekt Kraft GmbH is the right shopfitting partner, brimming with competentence and expertise.

We will make your store “State of the Art”, featuring the latest designs and acquisitions on the efficiency sector!
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General contractor interior design for retail- hotel- gastronomy and office projects



General contractor, Shop- & interior design

As a general contractor, we specialize in shop construction throughout Europe for retail customers from around the world.

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Our innovative solutions as a general contractor, specializing in shop construction and shopfitting:


Individual shopfitting

We plan and implement your concepts with experienced manufacturing partners throughout Europe.

From small fine boutiques, moving on to prestigious flagship stores and up to complete store rollouts, we realize all individual wishes of our customers, satisfying any demand thinkable.

Be inspired by our recent shopfitting projects …

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Shopfitting & furniture assembly

We expertly provide perfect installation and assembly of your shop interior and furniture components.

With our own installation teams, and in collaboration with experienced external companies, we can guarantee the first-class implementation of your shop design and perfect craftsmanship in furniture assembly. Our Europe-wide network of reliable service partners ensures proper use of the high quality materials of your shop interior.

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Deconstruction of shopfitting

We carry out all necessary work for a store’s demolition.

This includes the disassembly of all equipment and furniture; storage or disposal of fixtures and shop fittings as well as the dismantling of facade constructions, shop windows, suspended ceilings, doors, walls and floors. We also provide professional dismantling of electrical, HVAC and other home automation systems.

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Facility management and shop service

SHOPSERVICE  Facility Management



Facility management

Facilitymanagement – alternative spelling facility
management, also called property management or
investment management – refers to the administration and
management of buildings, facilities and equipment.”

Projekt Kraft’s facility management and shop service entails the efficient management of your retail space, especially in the field of shopfitting, lighting and technology housing.

A comprehensive view of your architecture and real estate needs is emphasized. Loyal to our motto “building brands”, our team of construction and facility managers independently supervises your successful retail concepts.

Our many years of experience with international projects and specific industry know-how accumulated greatly benefits the client.

The maintenance supervisor service of Projekt Kraft’s facility management program showcases our technicians’ expertise,

starting with changing of lamps & light fixtures, moving on to the service of doors & windows (greasing, lock maintenance etc…), and finally to establishing preventative measures and security precautions.

Ongoing repair work and maintenance of all technological systems & installations is also part of our shop service, as well as assembling and dismantling of fixtures, or check & cleaning of illuminated advertising signs.

Furthermore, we offer a continuous maintenance routine for technical and other components, installations and miscellaneous devices, carrying out all repairs according to regulatory requirements, and we provide 24 hour emergency and service disruption programs.

Service spectrum
The service spectrum of Projekt Kraft’s facility management plan encompasses the following fields
of technical management:

  • Development of a service, maintenance and inspection plan according to applicable regulations for the shops
  • Implementation of inspections of various home technological systems as well as issuing or obtaining all relevant certificates.
  • Inspection and review according to §82B, Trade and Industry Act
  • Development of maintenance and security concepts
  • Actualization of maintenance plans, with the respective documentation for your facilities in-house technology and shopfitting with all goods bearers and merchandise displays
  • Account examination for the client
  • Disruption management plan with priority determination
  • Stand by-24 hour remote surveillance hotline
  • Dealing (or assistance) with damage and warranty cases
  • Dismantling of shopfitting and technical equipment as well as new installations according to the general construction layout descriptions
  • Disposal management
  • Planning and implementation of energy efficient measures, reducing energy costs
  • Material replacements for business operations, specifically for: lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems (light bulbs, filters, etc.)
  • Provision of warehouse space during renovations, as well as interim storage of: shopfittings, display cases, anti-shoplifting devices, decorations, mannequins, etc.
  • Per squaremeter budgeting after financial years
  • Further general services (e.g. security, catering)
  • Building cleaning
  • Verification of ladders according to EN 151




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