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Projekt Kraft presents: Holger Stanislawski – secrets of success from soccer and business

By 30. November 2023No Comments
Projekt Kraft - Speaker Teamevent

In collaboration with the Schallstadt-Ebringen-Pfaffenweiler and Ehrenkirchen trade associations, we have organized a very special event.

Holger Stanislawski is not only known from soccer, but also as the successful managing director of one of the largest Rewe centers in Germany. He represents a unique combination of experiences as a soccer player, coach and businessman that makes him an outstanding speaker for our event. Like a well-coordinated soccer game, the world of work also requires a balanced interaction of the skills of each individual.

During his presentation, he not only shared some advice on employee motivation, but also applied his rich experience to the corporate world. He impressively illustrated how the principles of a successful soccer team can be transferred to a functioning team in a company. His analogies showed us how crucial harmonious interaction, individual strengths and a shared vision are for the success of a team.

After his lecture, Stanislawski also took time for networking, asking questions and exchanging experiences. He lived exactly what he conveyed: humanity and cooperation as the basis for success. He also donates all proceeds from his speaker events to nonprofit organizations that support animal welfare. This gesture underlines his commitment to charitable causes.

The Epic Cars venue provided a fitting backdrop for our event. In the midst of impressive cars there was space for lively conversations, a pleasant atmosphere and some time to exchange ideas and make new contacts.

That evening, Holger Stanislawski impressed more than only soccer fans. We thank him for the stories about his life, both on and off the field. They offered us valuable insight and inspiration.